Funeral Hearses

Pulled by matched Friesians dressed in plumes and funeral harness, a classic carriage hearse is an impressive and emotional focal point to any funeral pocession.

Classic Glass – Sided Hearses by John Marston of Birmingham.

Thomas Cribb owns a wide selection of classic Victorian hearses built by master craftesman John Marston of Birmingham.  Each one is a splendid example of Victorian mourning traditions, making a sombre and impressive focal point to any funeral procession. Each of these hearses can be pulled by a matched pair or a team of horses (as preferred) dressed in plumes and funeral harness. Choose between the following options.

... A classic Victorian black hearse with gold leaf decoration and etched glass to the sides, black leatherette upholstery and white metal rails and rollers to the interior. This hearse has 14 and 12 spoke warner wheels with elliptic and white metal hubs, carries lamp brackets and has a pole and handbrake.

... A pretty hearse in black with blue lining and decoration. A canoe shaped body, bowed front and rear doors, curved top and filigree detail enhance the appearance even more whilst the back quarter panels are arched and sectioned. This hearse has cut and etched glass to all sides with vase and floral decorations plus a mahogany lined interior mounted with whitemetal rollers and rails. The base is mirrored with a raised cut glass floral and scroll design.  The hearse has 54” and 39” warner wheels, full and ¾ elliptic springs with a transverse spring, a drivers wedge seat, handbrake, pole and splinter bar.

... Alternatively, a truly imposing black hearse with gold lining to the carriage body and wheels, gold leaf decoration and etched glazing to the sides partially painted in gold. The interior has a purple and gold lined roof with matching fringing and lamp brackets are fitted to the outside.  It is borne on 52” and 36” 14 and 12 spoke warner wheels on rubber tires, has white metal hubs, elliptic springs and a handbrake.

Dotteridge Style Hearse

Unusually for Thomas Cribb this carriage is a reproduction rather than an original. In line with our exceptional commitment to quality however, it is perfect in it's attention to every detail, as given in the original build specification. The canoe shaped body has an etched glass design of vase and leaves, complete with gold leaf decoration. The Dotteridge style hearse is pulled by matched Friesians dressed in plumes and funeral harness. Like all of our classic carriage hearses, this is an impressive and emotional focal point to any funeral.

Our white hearses, pulled by matched Freidlanders make an elegant and  moving spectacle. The uncommon sight of a horse-drawn hearse will always bring traffic to a standstill and cause people to bow their heads with respect.  White horse-drawn hearses are even rarer.  Ours are most frequently used to represent the purity of a life taken too young, and are also popular with those religious faiths who choose white as the colour of mourning.

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